Sanna Kramsi - I would if I could a guide to web accessibility

Using NVDA

Unlike VoiceOver, NVDA has two modes. Browse mode is the default and is used when reading documents or web pages. NVDA automatically switches to focus mode when the user enters a form or other fields that require user input.

NVDA key is by default the Insert key. It can be changed to the Caps Lock key in the preferences menu.

To turn on NDVA, press Crtl + Alt + N. To shut off NVDA, press NVDA + Q.

Some useful basic commands

  • Stop reading: Control
  • Start reading continuously from this point on: NVDA + Down arrow (or numpad plus)
  • Read next item: Down arrow
  • Read next focusable item: Tab
  • Go to next heading: H
  • Go to next heading of levels 1-6: 1-6
  • Go to next landmark or region: D
  • Show list of all links, headings, form fields, buttons, and landmarks: NNDA + F7
  • Go to next table: T
  • Go to next list: L
  • Go to next list item: I
  • Go to next graphic: G
  • Go to next link: K
  • Toggle between the browse and focus modes: NVDA + space bar

Useful commands for reading text

  • Say prior line: Up arrow (or numpad 7)
  • Say next line: Down arrow (or numpad 9)
  • Say current line: NVDA+ Up arrow (or numpad 8)
  • Say prior character: Left arrow (or numpad 1)
  • Say next character: Right arrow (or numpad 3)
  • Say current character: Numpad 2
  • Say prior word: Ctrl + Left arrow (or numpad 4)
  • Say next word: Crtl + Right arrow (or  numpad 6)
  • Say current word: Numpad 5
  • Say prior sentence: Alt + Up arrow
  • Say next sentence: Alt + Down arrow
  • Say prior paragraph: Ctrl + Up arrow
  • Say next paragraph: Ctrl + Down arrow

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