Sanna Kramsi - I would if I could a guide to web accessibility

Harness your code editor for accessibility

I now use mostly Visual Studio Code. It has a lot of great plugins to help you improve your code quality. But no matter what editor you use, check if they have some plugins to help you.

Remember these will not remove the need for testing and accessibility monitoring. But they are an extra tool you can use to reduce your workload.

Use ESLint to improve your JavaScript quality

ESLint has a lot of rules you can set up to catch all sorts of issues with the code quality. I would recommend using ESLint in every single one of your JavaScript implementations. No matter how small it might be.

ESLint also has an accessibility plugin for JSX. Check the plugin page for usage instructions.

Accessibility plugins

Deque has created the axe Accessibility Linter. It exists to help us create more accessible code. It checks code files for common accessibility problems. It supports React (JSX), React Native, Angular, Vue, HTML and Markdown. You can configure the plugin if you want, but it works well out of the box.

Deque also offers axe DevTools Linter which is available as an API. You can integrate it into many platforms. But this one is not free.

There are a lot of plugins available. I recommend that you verify the tools’ results before relying on them. I'm comfortable recommending Deque’s tools because they are one of the most known companies in the accessibility space.