Sanna Kramsi - I would if I could a guide to web accessibility

The Web Accessibility Directive

The European Union Web Accessibility Directive is officially named EU Directive 2016/2102. The directive is aimed at improving the accessibility of public sector websites and mobile applications. Member states were required to ensure that their public sector websites were compliant by September 23, 2018. Mobile applications had a later deadline, set for June 23, 2021.

How do I know if my service is accessible?

Accessibility is tested using the WCAG guidelines. The requirement for this comes from the European Union standard EN 301 549.

The WCAG guidelines define the minimum requirements for the accessibility of a service.

Find out the accessibility status with an accessibility audit

An accessibility audit is a good way to determine the level of accessibility of a service. The result of the audit is a report that identifies the shortcomings of the service. This report makes it much easier to produce an honest accessibility report.

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Create an accessibility statement to support the user

Every organisation covered by the accessibility requirements must provide an accessibility statement for its websites and mobile apps. The accessibility statement must be easy to find on the service.

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