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Business Disability Forum's Accessibility Maturity Model

Business Disability Forum’s Technology Taskforce developed the Accessibility Maturity Model as a self-assessment tool to help organizations benchmark their progress in all aspects of accessibility.

It is based on the Accessible Technology Charter. In addition to the Accessible Technology Charter, the Technology Taskforce developed the Accessibility Maturity Model to track progress against the Charter’s ten points. An organization assesses its progress on a scale of 1 – 5:

  • Level 1: Informal. No documentation or process is in place.
  • Level 2: Defined. Documented but not actioned, or completed once.
  • Level 3: Repeatable. The process is established and actioned consistently.
  • Level 4: Managed. Process monitored and improved, business as usual.
  • Level 5: Best practice. Innovate, improve, and share.

On their website, you can find a how-to guide as well as a scorecard to help you check where you are. So make sure to check out their resources if you are interested in getting started using the tool!

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