Sanna Kramsi - I would if I could a guide to web accessibility

Plain language

Plain language makes the content easier to understand. Plain language is understandable general language. It’s important to know that plain language and easy language are not the same thing.

Don’t overcomplicate your content

I remember when I was at school and was taught that you should not repeat the same word, but use synonyms. And the more sophisticated the words you use, the better the content. However, this is not the best approach in terms of clarity. If you can put it simply, do it.

Explain abbreviations and more specialised terms. Aim to use active voice instead of passive voice. And always use inclusive language.

Sentence length affects readability

The longer the sentence, the more it requires from the reader. Avoid complex sentence structures.

Start your content with the most important parts

Not all people will read all your content. By adding the most important parts to the beginning, you can ensure they are more likely to be read.

People are so used to just browsing content that it has become the way we consume content. There have been studies that people read in an F shape. They might read the content at first and then move towards checking the headings.

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