Sanna Kramsi - I would if I could a guide to web accessibility

I would if I could!

Have you ever tried to use a website but not been able to do so? Sometimes there are elements we cannot see or hear. Sometimes we can't access some or any of the content. Have you gotten frustrated enough after being asked to fill out a form to yell out loud "I would if I could!"?

I created this website to bring solutions to the common accessibility problems. For all parties involved. If we want to create accessible websites, we all need to work together. A designer, a developer, or a content creator cannot do that on their own.

I hope you will find some answers here. I've spent years gathering information, tips, tools, and techniques. I hope you can now find it all a bit easier than I did.

My newest blog posts on accessibility in my personal blog

My newest blog posts on accessibility in Exove's blog

I'm also trying to do my part in Exove's mission to defrustrate the digital by sharing my accessibility knowledge in the company blog.